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Year of the Pinkeeps

What is a pinkeep? 
It's a pincushion, of course - but only cuter! 

Lets make one each month, celebrating the essence and flavor of the calendar. 

These are quick, fun, great for giving or "keeping". 

The project lends itself from the simple to embellished. 

With this hand project, you will need a sewing machine at home to complete the construction.

I can see this sweet little pinkeep hanging on a doorknob with the addition of a loop of ribbon - or a few of them nestled in a basket on your coffee table. 

Although the design is in beautiful primitive colors, these pinkeeps look great in bright schemes too.

September 13 project:

Cost: $ 15.00
Requirements:Year of Pinkeeps Pattern each month
Instructor:Suzi Owen