Monday - Saturday
10am to 5pm
12pm to 4pm


Simply Binding Class

This is a hands-on class to learn cutting and attaching bindings.

For best results all students will be using a binding kit (at additional cost) for the success of every student.

Please note: You will not be binding your own projects.

The class includes non-bias and bias binding techniques. Bias cuts are helpful for binding curves on our quilts.

You will cut and attach binding to the quilt sample, turn corners and stitch the ends of the binding to give a seamless neat finish. Then we will finish by hand stitching and/or machine stitching the binding to the back of the sample.


Click here for supply list
Cost: $ 20.00
Skill Level:Beginner
Requirements:Binding Kit purchased from Cotton Patch Happy Endings Binding book
Instructor:Helen Abernathy